About Us

L.I.D on COVID-19 Team Members

Dr. Jaigris Hodson

Associate Professor and Program Head, Royal Roads University

Dr. George Veletsianos

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning & Technology, Royal Roads University

Picture of a woman with short brown hair in a pink floral shirt.

Dr. Shandell Houlden

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Royal Roads University

Chris Thompson-Wagner, PhD ABD

Research Assistant, Royal Roads University / PhD Candidate, University of Saskatchewan

Darren Reid, MA

Research Assistant, Royal Roads University / PhD Student, University College London

Partners at the Social Media Lab

  • Anatoliy Gruzd, Canada Research Chair | Director of Research, Ryerson Social Media Lab
  • Philip Mai, Director of Business and Communications, Ryerson Social Media Lab
  • Donald Patterson, Research Assistant
  • Kelly Huynh, Research Assistant
  • Nikolai Krause, Web Developer and Data Analyst