Flatten the Curve Newsletter

Flatten the Curve Digest was a newsletter meant to provide a weekly summary of important and verified information on COVID-19 in the early months of the pandemic. All information within the newsletter was based on evidence-based research. Its contents were confirmed through multiple sources and verified against updated information from the WHO, the CDC, and Health Canada where possible. It was meant to be an easy digest of relevant and important information.

Issue 1: Social Distancing

Issue 2: Hygiene

Issue 3: COVID-19 Symptoms

Issue 4: Supporting Your Community

Issue 5: Mental Health

Issue 6: Misinformation and COVID-19

Issue 7: How to Identify COVID-19 Misinformation

Issue 8: Disinformation

Issue 9: Talking to People About Misinformation

Issue 10: Sourcing Valid COVID-19 Information